Admittedly, watching the lives of multi-business moguls like Beyonce, Diddy and Mark Cuban to name a few, I was inspired and, at the very least, justified in my quest to a do a whole bunch at once.

I’ve got an agency, more than a marketing consultancy, because every (brilliant) idea that I conceive for my clients, I’m also tasked with executing.

Then I began this content community, Business of Passion, first and foremost to create a personal catalog of inspiration. People who are happy, passionate and pursuing what it is they love, their "gifts," their "purpose," however they define it, it is what consumes them and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love this work. I love seeking out interesting people, asking for their time and getting nearly all of them to say yes! I love researching them, their industry, their interesting path towards present endeavors. I ask them questions on the fly, they scoff at the difficulty and answer unedited in profound, passionate and emotional ways. I usually cry at some point during the session. Twenty-something interviews in, I’ve learned how to fight the tears but honor them as a sign that I absolutely LOVE these moments and these “passioneers.” They inspire me and that’s what fuels me to nurture the small belief that they will inspire you too.

Then after full days of marketing work, I spend full evenings into early mornings editing footage into rich minutes. I began with 5-minute interviews. I shortened them to 3 minutes max…some of you thanked me. And now, now I’m trying to manage 60 minutes into several one-minute snippets for Instagram, attention spans and appetites.

We are pulled in a hundred different directions. I get that. I live that.

I am but one person with a bunch of creative endeavors and dreams in the works. For Business of Passion, in addition to being a writer and journalist by degree, I’ve taught myself interview skills, web design and videography from lighting to staging to positioning the subject in frame. I’ve taught myself video editing, well Youtube taught me. I’ve stumbled through storage management and where to put all of these gigabytes for now and later. I’ve called on my day job as a marketing strategist to begin to cultivate a following, because I know you’re out there, but where in the hell is that extra hour (or two) in my day to actually reach you?

For me, one is the busiest number, not the loneliest. These last few months filled with more work, less sleep, less BOP, and a little more stress than normal, have been a true test of endurance and self-love. Self-love that honors the intention and doesn’t fluctuate based on achievements.

Business of Passion interviews return soon and while my entire operation is just me (and not a team like those previously mentioned moguls have) I’m going to do what I can! Ya'll cool with that?